My December

Since there is an El Niño phenomenon, the weather is not as cold as it used to be before. Well, that is not what I’m going to tackle on this blog post.

Since year 2015 is nearing its end, I am wondering now for the next years to come in my life. I’m a 90’s kid so you’ll know my age for sure and as a breadwinner, I have plans and goals in life that I want to achieve before settling down with my guy.

I am wondering to much if I will be able to commit one of the things that I need to do before marrying, finishing our unfinished house. I promise to myself that I’ll do it since it’s just the 1/2 of the 1/4 part of our house is still unfinished. Also, pressure on saving money on my end in which I cannot do since I am still supporting my family.

I know that the past 4 years of my work life doesn’t have much money involved with it and I am hoping that I am now in a company that can provide me more from the usual pay that I am having, I can save up money for my own future.

Maybe, I am just overthinking things but you can’ t blame me… I’m really just scared for the future. A future that there is no certainty.

~ Momo

Way To Go, Meng!

This girl really deserve everything that is coming her way. I will never ever get tired of supporting and protecting this little lady against those people who only know how to bash and hate. I know that it’s very lowly to answer back those kind of creatures but I really can’t help myself. I will never let those filthy mindset be all over over “pessimist” princess.

I will never let them get over you sis. Me and other people who loves you and your LT will forever protect that innocence that captured our hearts. Just don’t let that infectious smile of yours fade away from the time you grow up. We have the same smile (oo na maraming aangal eh sa malaki din bagang at bibig ko eh hahaha XD ) big, wide grin that touches our eyes. Don’t let problems take over that smile. And if that day comes that those smiles are starting to become “showbiz”, just remember the people who loves you… most especially that special person who made that smile big.

Like what Charlie Chaplin’s song “Smile” ~

♫ Smile though your heart is aching,
Smile even though it’s breaking,
When there are clouds in the sky,
You’ll get by,

If you smile through your pain and sorrow,
Smile though it may be tomorrow,
You’ll see the sun come shining through, for you,

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness,
Although a tear may be ever so near,
That’s the time you must keep on trying,
Smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. ♫

Don’t you ever forget to smile… 🙂
Everything will be alright 🙂


Who says you’re not perfect?

There will always be people that find fulfillment in pointing out the faults of others. They thrive in the idea that they know better. Where the truly great stumbled, there they lounge and pat themselves on the back. Where the talented and skillful flopped, there they bask in the hubristic admiration of themselves, proud of their exceptional wisdom to have seen what others failed to see all the while.

Faultfinders. They call themselves critics. The few that have never even risked out to get their feet wet but whine endlessly about the rain.

Well, they don’t matter.

You have proven, beyond all doubt, that you belong up there. All glory belongs to the player, not the spectator. Your doubts and uncertainties are all part of your greatness- they do not deter you, they encourage you to be better at everything you do! Your failures- they…

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My Quotes and Thoughts

This is one my hobby, writing random things. Forgive my poor penmanship and filtering skills on each images. I’m trying to be creative as much as possible on writing and taking pictures while working here in the office.

Also, most of the quotes here are not originally from my head. I got it from Google (credit to the owners of the quotes. You will notice a “quote ctto” at the bottom left of the paper).

These quotes is not related to any of my addiction (KalyeSerye and ALDUB).

It’s purely how I understand love and most especially, life.

Quote 1 – Love and Confusion


Quote 2 – My Own View of My Guy


Quote 3 – Love and Patience


Quote 4 – Reciprocating Love


Quote 5 – Strangers in Love


Quote 6 – Love Through the Years


Quote 7 – Be Kind


There you go. Just part of my own weirdness. 🙂

Hopefully you’ll it good and will give you a positive outlook in many things.



Day 1/2: The Day When The ALDUB Nation Stood Still

NOTE: This will contain positive and negative thoughts. Thoughts coming out of my head. If you think you will be disheartened, feel free not to continue reading this blog. It will definitely sound like I’m a mother preaching her kid.

This blog post is not created to hate, bash or drag someone down. Feel free to comment your thoughts and I won’t stop you from doing that because I, myself, speaks up what’s on my mind.

This is going to be written informally so please, bear with my language and perkiness. It will be a roller coaster ride of emotions once again. 🙂

Thanks ♥


Day 1 (or 2. Iyan po ang ibig sabihin nung title ng post na ito) of my rehabilitation program.

Oplan Getting Over KS ang plan ko for the whole week. Getting over my addiction if I may correct myself. (Supporter pa rin ako, okay?! Hindi na nga lang ako adik.)

It was my first time to eat Chicken Ala King in Mcdo (swear to God). Never kong inisip na kainin iyan kahit nung unang labas nung product and the TVC itself. Ayoko kasing madisappoint sa kung ano man ang pwedeng maging lasa niyan knowing that it was produced by a fast food chain (again and again… its my opinion. I’m not bashing here). Luckily, I found it good kahit konti lang yung sauce and still asks for gravy to gratify myself of its taste.

After that, I decided to go home by riding an AC bus from Chino Roces to Litex (where I currently reside. Ang layo noh? Hahaha). Masaya na sana akong sasakay ng bus nang marinig ko yung Wish I May na kanta ni Alden. Sabi ko sa sarili ko with a pout on my face, ‘Errrr… Nanadya ba ang pagkakataon? Nagmomove on nga eh.‘. I immediately sit and turn my attention to my Spotify playlist para iignore yung naririnig kong kanta. (Later that day ko na lang nalaman na it was the title of the newest TV series ng GMA). Pagka-on ko naman ng Spotify ko, BAM! God Gave Me You yung una sa queue. Natawa na lang talaga ako coz I know, affected pa rin ako sa mga pwedeng maganap sa KS. Di pa talaga ako nakakapag move on sa addiction ko sa ALDUB.

While travelling, nagbrowse lang ako ng nagbrowse in my FB and Twitter accounts. Napansin ko na mabilis na ako manawa sa pagbbrowse kasi I have nothing to browse anymore (since I unfollow all those pages and accounts related to KS and ALDUB). I also didn’t attempt to replay yesterday’s episode knowing what happened already from the posts of my friends in FB and Twitter. I just rely on the tweets of the people I still follow who are still into KS and ALDUB.

When I got home, it was already 12nn and I decided to shut the TV off ‘coz my brother is watching Princess in the Palace. He’s waiting for the KS to be shown. Hindi naman siya nagalit but he asked me why shut off the TV kung manonood din naman ako, I just told him na I’m tired and needs to wake up early. I need sometime to sleep without the noise of anything. Then, he didn’t open the TV at all. (siyempre, ako batas! hahaha. Just kidding.)

I woke up around quarter to 5pm (yeah, kulang po sa tulog araw araw) and do all the stuffs I need to do bago pumasok.

Kain. Ligo. Bihis. Biyahe. MRT!

Nang mapaupo na ako sa usual spot ko sa MRT (in between ng cars ng elders at ng mga babae. Iyong “joint” mismo nung mga carts, nandoon lang ako palagi at nakasalampak sa sahig) I check my Twitter and saw what kind of disaster had happened. Nag-aaway away na naman ang mga fans dahil sa isang walang kamali malisyang picture ni Kris Bernal and Alden Richards sa IG. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “what’s up? Ano na namang issue?” And then out of curiosity, I tap on an HT saying #SorryKrisBernal , #RealAldubFan, and so on.

As a person trying to get over this phenom, I know na mangyayari at mangyayari ito dahil sa sobrang daming tao ang tinamaan sa KS, lalo na sa ALDUB. It may be those who are mature enough not to put salt on an open wound or those who are much driven by their emotions (hindi ko po nilalahat at please take note opinion ko lang po iyan). I research on things related to the issue and it was, for me, is mababaw. You may get mad at me saying that word na mababaw pero c’mon guys, picture lang iyon na may caption from Kris Bernal’s IG account. Anong harm ang nagawa nun? And to take note, nandoon sila for a teacher’s day event. Guys, may kalaswaan ba silang ginawa doon para mag-alburuto ng ganyan yung ibang fans? Sigh… Nakakasad lang.

Pero eto ha, disclaimer. I don’t defend anyone here. I want to be equally opinionated sa lahat ng mga taong imemention ko kaya don’t say that I’m defending someone over someone. Please. Listen to your self bago kayo magalit sa akin. 🙂

Okay so… my neutrality would kick in here and I don’t want to take sides because I’m only a fan and not even close to any of those who are being dragged on this issue.

  1. Picture and caption can depict and draw thousands of words pero sa akin, anong mali sa picture na iyon? Some would say, “Bakit ngayon ka lang nagwapuhan sa kanya? Dati na siyang artista ah! Di mo ba alam yun?!! Malandi!” or “Maarte ka!” and so on. Medyo harsh words for an IG post na wala naman sanang gustong ipahiwatig. Ako personally, walang masama dun sa post. Naghalikan ba sila? NO! Nagyakapan ba sila? NO! Jusme. CAPTION LANG IYON! PICTURE LANG NILANG DALAWA IYON NAKATAYO! 

May karapatan namang humanga si Kris Bernal kay Alden Richards di ba? Hays. Wala na bang ibang babae ang pwedeng makasalamuha or makipagpicture-an kay AR? Saka, akala ko ba ang ALDUB nation eh yung may mga breeding unlike ibang fandoms na puro mga bata at isip bata lang ang members? Nasaan na yung pagmamahal na dati eh pinagmamalaki nating lahat sa buong mundo? Guys! Dahil lang sa ganoon ang caption/picture na iyon, mangbabash na tayo ng ibang tao? Nasaan ang hustisya doon? (NOTE: Hindi ko nilalahat, yung tatamaan na lang sa sinabi ko yung tamaan. Bow). Pwedeng mga nagpapanggap na ALDUB fan lang yung naninira pero marami akong kilalang “solid” ALDUB fan daw ang nambash mismo kay Kris Bernal sa FB. Binura na lang nila yung post nila out of realization that they have done it dahil sa bugso ng emotion nila. (Wow ha, ano kayo, nanay, asawa or GF lang ni Alden para mag-alburuto? Nang-aano kayo eh).

Buti na lang, mas marami yung fans na nakakaalala na ALDUB and KS was built from love, values and inspiration that’s why they do everything they can to prevent the conflicts among fans who have different opinions regarding what had happened. Kanya kanya sila ng pagpapakalat nang apology message/letter kay Kris Bernal kasi they know how some fans are over reacting to certain things na hindi naman dapat ika-paranoid.

Ang masaklap, ang pagiging paranoid ay nakakahawa na these days pero dedepende na lang iyon kung magpapahawa ang ibang fans.

NOTE ulit. Wala akong pinagtatanggol either kay Kris Bernal or Alden Richards. This is just purely my opinion and my thoughts. I’m trying to rationalize things. Doon ako sa alam kong tama. (Tama sa mata, puso at isip ko bilang isang tao na may minamahal at nasa tamang edad na).

2. People are getting tired of the guy’s antics and for not answering Maine’s tweet.

Sigh. Guys, bakit ninyo sila pinapangunahan? Do we even know exactly if Maine’s tweet is about the 4th Rogelio (Alden)? If it is really meant for him, do we need to know if he responded to it? Kaano ano ba tayo nung dalawa para malaman pa natin ang mga ganoong bagay? Saka, does he need to answer it via Twitter as well? Like this –> “Yes. I will take care of myself.” Too showbiz! Kung totoong lalaki si Alden, hindi niya idadaan sa social media ang pagsagot sa pag-aalala ni Maine. Ano ito, TwitterSerye?Hindi ba niya pwedeng gawin ang pagsagot sa bagay na iyon privately? or in any means of communication without the knowledge by many of us? Again, hindi ko siya pinagtatanggol! Ang akin lang, hindi ba kayo napapagod kakasita sa bawat kilos, tweet, at salita ng batang ito? Wala naman siyang ginagawang masama sa inyo para ibash niyo siya. Dahil lang sa pagiging “manhid”, “slow”, “torpe” at kung ano ano pa eh magiging wagas na ang pangbabash sa kanya. *face palm*

Oo, maski ako nababagalan at naiinis sa kawalan niya ng aksyon sa mga nagaganap sa KS, lalo na sa kanila ni Maine (not Yaya Dub anymore). Unlike Maine who is open about her thoughts and feelings, Alden is secretive and playing safe (in my opinion). Well… Let him be like that. Don’t stress and frustrate ourselves kung hindi kumikilos yung bet natin for Maine. Hindi robot ‘yang batang iyan. Check niyo itsura niyan simula nung nagboom ang ALDUB. He has the biggest eyebags I’ve ever seen. Tinalo pa niya yung eyebags ko! In short, pagod, stress at nagkakasakit yung bata. Wala ba kayong pakialam sa welfare niya? Puro na lang ba kilig yung gusto nating makuha sa ALDUB kaya yung ibang fans (di ko alam kung yung iba eh legit na fan eh) kung makareact wagas! Mawala lang sa KS yung bata, sasabihin na.. “Ay ang boring. Wala si Alden!”. C’mon guys, siya lang ba ang reason kung bakit gumagana ang KS magic sa ating lahat? Please be rational! Lagare ng lagare yang batang ‘yan. Alam ko namang pinagsasabihan na din siyang magpahinga at hinay hinay dahil wala na yatang naranasang 8 hrs of sleep ‘yan simula ng lumakas ang ALDUB pero I understand kung bakit hindi siya ganyan, breadwinner ako kaya alam ko ang feeling.

Saka sa mga nagsasabing baka maunahan siya ng ibang lalaki, in my opinion. Choice pa rin naman ni Maine kung sino ang gusto niyang maging BF di ba? Kung mabagal si Alden (Richard), wala na tayong magagawa doon. I know its the opposite of what I’ve said sa earlier post ko pero… kung ang problema ng ibang fans eh yung pagiging “insensitive” nung bata… hayaan lang natin. Malaki naman na siya para sa mga ganyang bagay. Hindi naman siguro totally manhid si Alden para hindi pa niya mapansin ang mga bagay bagay sa paligid. Kung maunahan siya ng iba (against ako sa idea na ito kasi hindi naman naguunahan dapat sa love. Hindi naman karera yan.), edi naunahan siya. It’ll be a big regret on his part (in my opinion as a girl).

3. I remember why I am so damn proud of this nation because I know that everyone here knows how to spread love, inspiration, and passion. This nation knows how to use and execute the word “bayanihan” like one of the segment of EB. Dito ko rin nakita kung paano natuto ang lahat sa maniwala sa “FOREVER”, sa “DESTINY”, kay “SERENDIPITY” at tumibay ang paniniwala kay God (as in! Seriously!). Sa dumaang mahigit na dalawang buwan (mag tatatlong buwan na nga eh) marami nang naganap sa buhay ng mga taong involve sa KS lalo na ng pinakamamahal natin na ALDUB. Nag grow sila pareho at lalong tumibay yung kapit natin sa kanila. Nakakagawa nga tayo ng almost impossible na tweets dahil sa pagmamahal natin sa kanila. REMEMBER… PAGMAMAHAL NATIN SA KANILA! Big word di ba? Pero, possible lahat sa kanila dahil sa PAGMAMAHAL natin.

So… ano na? Nasaan na yung pagmamahal na iyon? May nagpost lang ng pic nung other half na kasama yung isang artista, mabagal lang kumilos (medyo masarap ngang kutusan o alugin kung pwede lang eh >_< ), hindi “responsive” sa mga tweets ng other half ng LT at kung ano ano pa… eh kaagad nawala yung PAGMAMAHAL na iyon? Dang it! What kind of fans would bash people who give them smile, kilig and love? It starts with letter “T” eh…

I’m a fan. Naging over-thinker and over-analyzer din ako pero I was able to realize my wrong doing at nagbalik loob ako sa isang pagiging simpleng viewer and fan na ineenjoy lang kung anong nakahain sa harap ko. Kung ano lang ang episode ng KS sa araw na iyon. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Sa mahigit kumulang na tatlong buwan na iyon, hindi ba natin naisip na mahirap din yung ginagawa nila? Nang mga writer, nang mga characters, nang mga tao sa paligid nila lalo na ng pamilya nila? Writers are always sleepless to think what to do next after every pasabog Saturday events. Characters in KS who have different commitments other than EB. Pamilya nila na hindi na nila masyadong nakakasama dahil sa mga nagaganap ngayon. Ganito na ba ka-selfish tayong mga fans na pati yung simpleng mga bagay na nagagawa nila nung wala pa tayo (o nung hindi pa tayo karami ng isang bansa) eh ipinagkakait na natin sa kanila? Ganito ba yung isusukli natin sa halos araw araw nilang pagpapasaya sa atin? Medyo walang utang na loob ang labas natin pero totoo. Hard di ba? (para ito sa mga fans na mabilis mag change of heart dahil sa pagkahawa sa iba. And again, hindi ko nilalahat.).

Guys… Relax lang tayo. Alam kong ulit ulit niyo nang nababasa iyan pero totoong payo iyan from a 25 year old girl. Please calm down and enjoy what they have to offer sa ating mga viewers. They are doing their best to give us happiness. Please remember that KalyeSerye is a FICTIONAL story with FICTIONAL characters. And like every FICTIONAL story will have its high and lows. It will have its own struggles dahil lahat ng nagaganap dito eh LIVE. Huwag nating iistress masyado ang sarili natin sa lahat ng nangyayari around the characters involving it. Ipinanganak ba sa stress ang KalyeSerye? HINDI DI BA? Oh, eh bakit natin iniistress sarili natin kung hatid nila is happiness? Sigh. *face palm* basta yan ang paniniwala ko. Enjoy lang kasi iyan ang pinopromote nila. Feeling ko nga nasasayang lang mga turo ng mga Lola kasi wala eh, hindi natin naisasabuhay yung mga turo nila. Hindi dapat hanggang tainga ang payo, dapat isinasapuso at isinasagawa iyan.

Okay. Stop na ako sa mala-sermon kong blog post kasi medyo nakakabeast mode namang talaga ang mga nagaganap sa paligid (take note, hindi na sa KalyeSerye ang concentration ng tao, sa Twitter at FB na halos). Pinapagaling ko na ang sarili ko sa addiction ko sa kanila (KS at ALDUB) and yet, eto yung nakikita ko. As a fan and supporter pa rin ng ALDUB, I care for this nation (this shouldn’t be tagged as fandom).

Sana talaga natuto na tayo sa ibang fandom na nasira, nagkawatak watak, at higit sa lahat eh naging alaala na lang dahil sa kagagawan na rin ng ibang fans (legit or mga fakes). Fans ang buhay at inspirasyon ng EB at ALDUB. Huwag naman sanang umabot na ang mga FANS ang sisira sa inspirasyon na iyon.

Marami pa sana akong sasabihin kaso, masyado nang mahaba ang post ko na ito. Para na akong nagsulat ng isang chapter ng story ko WP hahaha.

Be happy guys. Always be positive sa lahat ng mga bagay sa buhay. 🙂
and remember the reason why we are united, that is becaue of LOVE.

NOTE: Hindi po ako galit (swear to God po talaga). Naka-emphasize lang yung words diyan. Don’t get me wrong kung naka all caps and bold yung ibang words. Once again, Its only my opinion and thoughts that I would like to share sa lahat.

I love this nation and I will never forget it as long as I live.
How can I move on and get over my addiction if the people of this nation is at war?

Oh well… I don’t have the answer to that yet.


Momo Ryoma

Sleepy Me

Still at Puregold.
Doing groceries.
I’m super sleepy and sticky. (Long sleeves ba naman ang peg ko!)
Plus… The time of month is here.

Can’t do anything about it.
Responsibilities of a breadwinner takes over.

Just… hoping… my sleep… won’t be… intervened….

I need to go home before EB or else, I won’t be able to get some sleep.
Unplug!!!!! Waaaaaahhhh!!!!

Yours Truly, Momo

Wearing My Long Sleeves


My own way of feeling secure against those scrutinizing eyes of “malicious” people. Malicious men.

Skin will not be visible, hidden up until the right time comes for my man to see what’s beneath in it, up until my wedding day comes.

Happy as a little girl. Happy as a lady. Happy as me.

Giddy like a child, like a teenager, like nobody cares.

Feeling free and protected from everyone else.

Feeling… happy.

Happy just because of my sleeves. 🙂

*** Sorry for this non sense post hahaha. Feel free to call me weird. 😉

Dear KalyeSerye, Thanks For the Memories

Note: I AM A CERTIFIED FAN of KS and ALDUB. I wrote this to share my thoughts on my recent experience involving the former. This blog post contains  NEGATIVE and POSITIVE thoughts and will be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. So, if you think that it will affect your viewing pleasure, feel free not to read this blog. It will also include MY OWN ASSUMPTIONS and HONEST OPINIONS.

This is not a hate or bash blog entry. This is purely a blog on how I say my goodbye and appreciation to EB and KS. Your deepest understanding is what I welcome here and not bashing. Thanks. 🙂


Dear KalyeSerye,

It was a very nice and wonderful experience to know you for almost 3 months. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions for me because of the up and down plot twist of your story. It was nice to see how the characters were able to end up being in love against all odds, how the characters were able to learn to grow in a short period of time, and how they were able to reach their dreams. But, after the long run and after Saturday’s episode, I was able to wake up from this wonderful and beautiful dream. I was able to wake up and realize that I should now continue my life in reality and not in this wonderful masterpiece. I should go on with my own forever and my life with him.

Last Saturday’s episode (Oct 3) made me realize, “Yeah. Tapos na ako dito. Alam ko nang mangyayari.” with a smile on my face before I continue my sleep (na pinutol ko para makapanuod ng episode na ito but I don’t blame anyone. Desisyon ko palagi na putulin ang tulog ko for KS). I feel very disheartened sa realization ko na iyon. Sa totoo lang mahirap kang bitawan. Walang biro yun! But I thought, its for good. Iyong episode na yun ang nagpamukha sa akin ng lubos na tulad ng mga librong binabasa at nabasa ko na, may ending ang lahat ng bagay. May ending din ang KalyeSerye. Hindi man iyon ngayon pero sa “tamang panahon” matatapos din ang kinababaliwan ko.

Bigla kong naalala, nung inaassume ko na matatapos na ang KS nung first date nila, I was very emotional the day before coz I thought it will end there but I was wrong. I was happy and at the same time I was disappointed nung araw na iyon. Una dahil tuloy pa rin ang ligaya and at the same time nainis ako sa ikli ng date nila (alam naman na natin ang reason kung bakit need umalis ni Yaya).

Your series was able to bring joy and kilig to me. No doubt ako sa bagay na iyon. I was able to savage my Twitter, FB and other social media accounts ko na napaglilipasan na ng panahon due to my work schedule (na opposite sa work hours ng nakararami) dahil sa KS, lalong lalo na sa ALDUB. I am into searching for news, updates, biography, fan made trailers and videos, edited pictures (nung wala pa silang pic na magkasama), fan arts, blogs and more. I always keep myself updated kasi ayokong mahuli. Para akong bumalik sa teenage years ko, parang nandiyan ulit yung Meteor Garden, yung Endless Love: Autumn In My Heart, yung My Sassy Girl and such. Balik ako sa pagfefeeling bata at single (na wala namang masama. Walang age limit sa kilig).

Habang nahohook ako sa inyo at sa ALDUB, I replayed everything from the start hanggang sa latest episode. Minamarathon ko. Every single details, every actions, and almost every lines nakakabisado ko na sa sobra kong pag-aadik. Nakakalimutan ko na matulog ng maayos dahil need ko iischedule kung anong oras dapat ako magising kapag masyadong humaba ang oras na ina-lot ko sa panunuod ng replay (kahit napanuod ko na ang lahat ng episode mula Day 1). Hindi ko sinisisi sa inyo guys na kulang ako sa tulog. Ako ang may responsibility sa sarili kong tulog at welfare. In short, ako ang may kagustuhan nito.

As days and weeks goes by, I was starting to prioritize you guys, lalo na ang ALDUB over my work, my sleep and my own forever – my boyfriend. I used my author’s FB account (my secondary account ko) and hide all of my posts to him kasi he’s not into ALDUB nor sa inyo (he’s not a hater. Non fan lang talaga siya). Naiinis siya sa akin dahil yun na lang laman ng FB ko (sa main acct ko) and it was even a topic of our argument because I’m defending ALDUB. Sa sobrang inis ko, I hide my posts to him on my secondary acct and I concentrate on following pages and groups related to ALDUB.

I remember na me and my bf normally texting and calling each other on a daily basis para kamustahin ang lagay ng isat isa. Ako normally ang nag-iinitiate nun (knowing my BF is a busy person) but it changed when I got addicted to ALDUB (not in you (KS) anymore and again, hindi ko sila sinisisi. Ako ang gumawa nito sa sarili ko). Nakakalimutan ko na siyang itext or tawagan. Kapag siya na ang nag-iinitiate sa pagtawag or pagtext sa akin, imbes na maappreciate ko yun tulad ng dati, naiinis pa ako dahil napuputol ung binuffer ko sa FB or YT na episode ng KS. Though I still appreciate the fact that he’s contacting me, I always try to end our conversation as fast as possible para makabalik na ako sa pinapanuod ko. Hinayaan kong magtuloy tuloy ang ganoon kong behavior hanggang sa nakasanayan ko na (pati na rin ni BF coz he supports me on things na alam niyang nakakapagpasaya sa akin).

When my addiction to ALDUB goes beyond, I come to a point na naging part ako ng mga over-thinkers and over-analyzers. Iyong tipong lahat na ng kilos, facial expressions saka mga scripts na binibitawan sa KS ng mga characters ay pinapansin ko na. Iyong tipong pinagdudahan ko lahat ng kinilos ni Alden na para bang part pa rin lahat ng script ang mga nagaganap, na wala siyang ginagawa para mapatunayan kay Yaya Dub/Maine na seryoso siya sa lahat ng pinagsasabi niya, na nabobore na siya sa ibang part ng KS and so on. Pati reactions ni Maine like yung pagluha niya after Alden read their 2nd monthsary letter. I thought it was a weak and sad smile (sorry kung metaphor) and she’s still confused kung totoo na ba or parte pa rin ba ng script ang nangyayari sa kanila ni Alden, yung hanging question ni Maine kung “Seryoso ka ba?” na hindi nasagot ni Alden dahil sa dinudumog na siya ng tao sa studio and the likes. Naging mapagmatiyag ako masyado sa lahat ng kinikilos nung dalawa pati na rin sa mga advice ng lola na para bang may tinatago silang “something” sa public. I was like Detective Conan searching for answers to my unanswered questions. I was looking for every piece of answer that will make the jigsaw puzzle complete. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it. Why? Another wake up call nung nag-away ulit kami ng BF ko tungkol sa ginagawa kong pagpupuyat dahil sa inyo at sa ALDUB at nung napagsabihan ako ng nakababata kong kapatid na “Bakit ka affected? Artista ka ba ng KS? Kaano ano ka ba ng mga iyan?”. Hard pero totoo. Bakit nga ba ako affected? Hindi ko nasagot yung tanong ng kapatid ko. Tumahimik na lang ako sa sulok ng sira sira naming couch at kumain ng agahan ko ng araw na iyon, bago ako matulog.

Later that day, I read another post of Sir Vilo from his blog, and I was guilty as hell sa post na iyon. Umover ako sa pagiging fan (remembering the earlier harsh questions of my sister). There should be a border line on what a fan should do. As fan I should support them and not try to overthink what the other half is doing (and vice versa). At that time, it was an issue in the ALDUB nation. Fans are quarreling over things like the reactions of the characters. Iyong pinagaawayan nila yung bagay na narealize kong mali. Out of realization and frustration, I post a comment on one of Eat Bulaga’s video about the current issue and pinned it in my Twitter account. My thoughts during that time na nakikita kong nagkakagulo na sa FB and Twitter yung ibang ALDUB fans:

1. Una, ibang fandom ang kaaway ng ALDUB fans. Napagwagian nga natin yun eh. Naglie low na yung about sa KN fans.

2. Jobert S. Alam niyo na kung bakit siya inaaway at nang-aaway di ba?

3. Sunod yung panggagaya ng IS at nagkaroon sila ng TwitterSerye (aka BugawSerye) na kung tutuusin eh ginagamit lang nila si PG para sa kaniya mapunta lahat ng hate ng ALDUB nation. Hays, kawawang bata. Fan pa man din siya ng ALDUB.

4. Ngayon, kapwa ALDUB fan na yung kaaway ng iba. Iyong iba kasi famewhores na nakikisabay sa kasikatan ng LT at nanghihingi ng likes and followers, yung iba super nega (NEGATRONS), yung iba nagpapanggap na fan para makapanira and so on. Hindi yata aware yung iba na ang nakasira mismo ng ibang sikat na LT dati ay ang mga fans mismo. Ano ito, uulitin ang history? Di na natuto ang peg? Oh well… Iyong ibang fans lang naman talaga yung nakikipag away sa ibang fans eh. Iyong iba kasi nasa point na ng delusion at illusion. Hayysss. (ipipinpoint ko ah. IBANG fans, HINDI LAHAT)

I decided not to be affected na sa mga nakasulat sa kung saan saan dahil its their opinion and must not get inside my head. I have my own opinion and feelings sa pinapanuod ko. Beside, I’M JUST A FAN. Nothing more. Nothing less.

September 26 episode came and after that ligaw sa mansyon episode, I have a strong feeling about “what’s inside” the letter Maine gave to Richard. It’s a novel-like love letter guys! I do create (DIY card) and give letters to my BF (he’s also doing that in return) from scratch. Writing that kind of letter (at ganoon kahaba) means positive thing. From there, I assume that it will go as what many would like it to happen. As a girl, hindi ako mageeffort na magsulat ng ganoon kahaba kung wala namang “matinding” dahilan (disclaimer here, I don’t want to give false hopes. Baka may mag-imagine na naman diyan na makakabasa nito. Opinion ko lang po iyan.) At that point, hindi na ako nagexpect na kikiligin pa ako ng bonggang bongga (don’t take this negatively. Its my opinion okay?) dahil alam kong darating ang time, magiging sila talaga. Hindi ko sila pinapangunahan o binubusalan ang mga bibig nila, hindi rin ako si God or psychic para iconclude iyan pero nandiyan na yung mga signs na nagkakaroon na sila ng mutual understanding (Kilay language?). Doon pa lang, alam ko nang doon at doon din ang magiging ending nila as an LT, they will be a couple. Itaga niyo yan sa bato.

When the episode last week ended, I wasn’t able to feel that kilig overload anymore when they shook their hands, they sip their straw (nagkapalitan pa nga ng straw so may indirect kiss na naman), inilagay ni Joey yung kamay ni Alden kay Maine para akbayan nung guy si girl, pati yung nagseselfie na sila gamit ang kani kanilang cellphone. It was then that I realized, my addiction is already slowing down. Masaya ako para sa dalawang bata dahil yung pinagpapray ko kay God everyday before I sleep in the morning ay dahan dahang nagaganap sa mga harapan ng mata ko (as a viewer yun ang nakikita ko. I still don’t know what’s going behind the cam but its their privacy. Wala na akong pakialam doon). Ika nga sa post ni Alden, TULOY ANG FOREVER. Mukhang iyon na ang simula ng forever nila. 🙂

As a writer naman, alam kong kailangan ninyong pahabain ang flow ng story kasi if it ended up hanging, kayo ang babalikan ng tao at hindi ang LT na nabuo sa inyo (KS). Alam kong mahirap ang trabaho ninyo lalo pa’t spontaneous dapat ang lahat ng nagaganap sa Live TV pero sana wag mala Sierra Madre yung plot ng story (up-down-up-down). Suggestion ko lang naman iyan as an amateur writer pero people nowadays ay madaling makahanap ng pattern, makasense ng cliche at magsawa. Alam ko pong masyadong mabilis ang mga pangyayari at hindi niyo rin inexpect na ganito ang magiging feedback ng tao. Pressure is always there lalo na ng mga fans. Alam kong hindi kayo manhid sa mga feedbacks nila kaya challenge para sa inyo na mamaintain ang kilig at story ng serye na ito. But the bottom line for me, KUDOS sa inyong lahat.

Going back to my letter to you. Pagkagising ko ng kinagabihan ng araw na iyon, I started to unfollow all the FB pages and Twitter/FB accounts related to KS, most espicially about ALDUB. My pessimistic side would tell me, “hindi naman ako kawalan sa libo libo at milyon milyong followers ng mga pages at accounts na yan eh” which made me smile sarcastically. But my positive side told me, “I am doing it to cure myself from this addiction. It’s for the better.” After doing such things, nakaramdam ako ng sobrang relief kasi wala na akong nakikitang bakas ng sakit ko sa ALDUB. Malinis mula sa FB, IG hanggang sa Twitter. I feel that I’m back to my old self again and was very happy about it. My emo, writer and weird ways are back, the old me is back.

In the first place, its my fault naman dahil inumay ko yung sarili ko sa pagkahook ko sa kanila. Its my wrong doing not theirs.

Even if I stop following pages and accounts, I WILL STILL SUPPORT BOTH OF THEM. I will just watch the replay (if I have spare time) and won’t risk my sleep from watching it in the afternoon. I will not mix you with work load anymore and be back with my usual perkyness sa office and talk things other than ALDUB or things na mas may kinalaman sa buhay at career ko. (Sila ang kasi ang bukambibig ko sa office before in which kaunti lang ang nakakarelate.)

I am happy sa desisyon ko na ito kaya lubos akong nagpapasalamat at magpapasalamat sa lahat ng bumubuo sa iyo (KalyeSerye). Napasaya mo ako in shoft span of time. Binalik mo yung mga bagay na inakala kong extinct na at walang nakakapansin. Batang 90’s ako kaya nakakatuwa na yung mga norm na iyan ay isinasabuhay ninyo. Salamat talaga ng bonggang bongga. Salamat from the bottom of my heart. Continue spreading love and inspiration.

Para naman sa dalawang batang involve sa kwento mo. Continue being yourself. Always keep your feet on the ground and wag pansinin ang mga haters. Maraming tao sa paligid ninyo ang gagabay sa inyo sa tamang way and at the same time ay susubukang ibagsak kayo for their own benefit. Alam kong alam niyo na ‘yan pero hindi ako magsasawang ipaalala yan sa inyo.

For Alden, di tayo close dude pero alam ko ang feeling ng breadwinner. Ako nagpapaaral sa mga kapatid at pinsan ko, bills, groceries and others kaya try to relax and rest. Alam kong nagsusumikap ka for them pero kung lagare ka ng lagare at nakakalimutan mo yung salitang SAPAT NA PAHINGA AT TULOG, baka yung katawan mo yung magtraydor sayo. Kahit magkaiba tayo ng career path (I’m in the IT industry), pare pareho lang tayong tao na nangangailangan ng pahinga. Payong ate lang iyan. 😉

For Maine, I know that you’re a very strong girl. Alam kong kayang kaya mong ipagtanggol ang sarili mo against those bashers kaya continue doing that. Magsasawa din sila sa pambabash sayo (feeling ko yan din ang nasa isip ko knowing your attitude and aura 😉 ). And continue doing what you’re doing. Be careful with your heart. Girls like you are priceless and glass like kaya be careful with your heart.

Kung magiging kayo forever, tulad ng ipinapanalangin ko o kahit as friends lang talaga kayo, be strong lalo na scrutinizing eyes of public. Kulang na lang sugurin nila ang bahay ninyo maka-invade lang ng privacy or to get close to you. Kaya be careful and always take care of yourself. Never ever forget to thank god for everything (alam ko namang hindi kayo nakakalimot sa Diyos 😉 )

Maraming salamat sa pagpapasaya ninyo sa maraming tao. Naging cure ka sa boring kong spare time (pero naging sakit din kita hahaha. What a metaphor!)
Masaya ako at naging parte ako ng Twitter history ng ALDUB at sa history mo, KalyeSerye.

I will still watch you and support you but I will not go back to my addiction. Nasa rehabilitation stage na ako.

Thank you for the memories that you’ve brought on my quarter life as a person. 🙂

Yours Truly,

Momo Ryoma

My Emo Way of Life

Homemade soup.

Happy me.

This is me.
This is what I wanna do when I don’t have anything to do.


Separate my mind from reality just a short period of time.


Nothing more. Nothing less.

This is another non sense post of mine.

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Pretty Much of My Life

There is nothing interesting about me.

Just a typical young professional whose age is about to become a quarter of a century.

I always do my routine… Work, eat, sleep, shower, go to work and repeat it again and again.

But what keeps me going through all this kind of boring stuff is my goal to have my own house where me and my guy will live until the end of our time.

I also think of how a boring and not so interesting girl’s life would be as entertaining as I want it to be by doing my usual weird stuff that I am not ashamed to show in public. (Like singing a long with my headphone,  create a short story in my head while travelling, create a mini music video concept in my head while the weather is gloomy… and so on).

I am also trying to get back off my feet in writing or should I say finishing my sole story in Wattpad which is now more than a year old. I have all the details on what will happen next but I can’t find myself writing the next chapters of my story because of lack of inspiration, sleep and time to do so.

Speaking of my story, I wish that someday or somehow that it would become a TV series (here or abroad) and I will become the head writer or an assistant director of the TV series. I know that it may sound delusional but, dreams do come true when you do something to make it come true. I am looking forward to make this dream of mine come true.

Also, I’m into a love team now that make my head go around and round and round… I think this is the first time that I act like this for celebrities because I’m not into following them (except Westlife) but I go gaga for these couple. Well, I’m talking about the ALDUB phenomenon that took the Philippine TV by storm.

But above all, I’m more of a romantic person who is deeply in love with my Tart. My guy who is my total opposite in every way. My guy who never left when I was so down with problems. My guy who do all the jokes and funny things that I seldom do. He may not be perfect nor us as a couple but, I love the fact that every moment that we are together is a picture perfect memory for me.

So… That’s pretty much of me as a not so cool girl out here doing blogs for… errr… well, I just want to kill time when I have spare time.

Thanks for reading my blog and hopefully my next posts will be as alive as I want it to be.

Sayonara for now. xoxo



My Thoughts on “The Error In The Ways Of A Captured Fandom”

I am very much guilty when I read this blog again of Sir Vilo. I was so much attached to the emotions of people having their different opinions on either sides and I was so much affected by it that I literally cry a lot. I cried because I know how it feels to be hopeless and assumptive to something that will not be rewarded after. I even tag both A and M to some quotes that I found online regarding “girl is slipping away” and even sending the link of sir Vilo’s blog. Later today, I compose myself and thought that I crossed the line of being a fan. I am just an avid fan of their love team and I shouldn’t push, dictate nor be affected too much on what they are showing on TV. It was a wake up call to me… From here on, I swear to God not to overthink and over react things because it will not do any good for me or anyone who will read posts regarding my thoughts on their love team.

Yes, they are actors and they are doing this to entertain us all. That is something that I should always remember. I will just continue to sit, relax, and enjoy their uber the top story line in KS and hoping that at least, in due time, they will end up together because I strongly believe that DESTINY moved its magical hands to these two beautiful creatures of God.


I’m really sorry Maine and Alden for a very biased opinion on my blog post. The damage may have been done but I am hoping that it won’t be something that would make your worlds apart.

Thank you so much for making everyone happy and in love at all times. 🙂

Lovingly yours,


Much has been said in the comments section of my blog last Sunday and it has been a torment for me trying my hardest to moderate. Sleep is a word whose meaning I no longer remember, worse, I get to read the ghastliest point of views that will never see the light of day, at least not on my little piece of web space. But then again, I lost my right to complain the moment I pressed that publish button.

Just to cool our raging passions a little bit, let me put my rational thinking and objective hat on and forget for a few minutes that I am a fan.

So, how did we actually get here?

The truth is, this is reality TV at its finest. This is not your usual, run-of-the-mill telenovela that are fully scripted even up to the color of the socks that a character is…

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