The reality and the fiction

The reality is that I have this fantasy in me whenever I am alone.

I guess everyone have it. Everyone daydream of the things that they would like to happen in their life… for the present and future tenses of our lives.

I’ve always dream of speaking in Japanese fluently or submitting my story to a mangaka to have it illustrated. Or me playing a beautiful violin piece which can only be played by pro.

A fictional me. A violinist.

Violin. A beautiful sonata in each stroke.

The thing is that I am not sure if these fictions could happen in reality.

The reality is that I am working hard to achieve each and every single fictional item in my list which all seem to be impossible¬†in many sense but… I always believe…there’s nothing wrong in making a fictional idea become a reality.

It’s just the introvert side of me writing here.

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