Ups and Downs of Being an IT Support

Being a support in the IT world is a cool and rewarding job.

Yes, it is indeed stressful on many levels but this is a job that you will never get tired of as you will receive different scenarios and different problems on a daily basis.

You will learn new things and will definitely make you reach a certain boiling point in some cases as there are customers who are not that friendly or easy to work with.

You will be able to use all your powers and ideas to make the problem get resolved as there times that it needs to be done as soon as possible.

But of course, as a support, there are still limitations.

Even if you want to do your best to solve the customer’s problem, there are times that it is out of your scope and needs to wait for other team’s help to see if the issue can be fixed or not. And from that point, all you can do is update the customer and see if there is any workaround that can be done for the mean time while waiting for a fix.

Once a fix is presented, you will get the relief in your head and heart as you know that it will now fix whatever issue your customer is seeing and wishes not to raise the same issue once more.


It is indeed a thrilling type of work (as long as you know how to balance life and work) which will keep you move forward and learn new things.

I have been a C#.NET developer and for me, this is a more stressful work as everything will be blamed at you since you are a “developer”. I am really glad that I am working as a support because it will definitely be my stepping stone in every challenges that I will face when its time for me to take a bigger role.

~ Momo ♥


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