My December

Since there is an El Niño phenomenon, the weather is not as cold as it used to be before. Well, that is not what I’m going to tackle on this blog post.

Since year 2015 is nearing its end, I am wondering now for the next years to come in my life. I’m a 90’s kid so you’ll know my age for sure and as a breadwinner, I have plans and goals in life that I want to achieve before settling down with my guy.

I am wondering to much if I will be able to commit one of the things that I need to do before marrying, finishing our unfinished house. I promise to myself that I’ll do it since it’s just the 1/2 of the 1/4 part of our house is still unfinished. Also, pressure on saving money on my end in which I cannot do since I am still supporting my family.

I know that the past 4 years of my work life doesn’t have much money involved with it and I am hoping that I am now in a company that can provide me more from the usual pay that I am having, I can save up money for my own future.

Maybe, I am just overthinking things but you can’ t blame me… I’m really just scared for the future. A future that there is no certainty.

~ Momo

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