My Quotes and Thoughts

This is one my hobby, writing random things. Forgive my poor penmanship and filtering skills on each images. I’m trying to be creative as much as possible on writing and taking pictures while working here in the office.

Also, most of the quotes here are not originally from my head. I got it from Google (credit to the owners of the quotes. You will notice a “quote ctto” at the bottom left of the paper).

These quotes is not related to any of my addiction (KalyeSerye and ALDUB).

It’s purely how I understand love and most especially, life.

Quote 1 – Love and Confusion


Quote 2 – My Own View of My Guy


Quote 3 – Love and Patience


Quote 4 – Reciprocating Love


Quote 5 – Strangers in Love


Quote 6 – Love Through the Years


Quote 7 – Be Kind


There you go. Just part of my own weirdness. 🙂

Hopefully you’ll it good and will give you a positive outlook in many things.



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