My Thoughts on “The Error In The Ways Of A Captured Fandom”

I am very much guilty when I read this blog again of Sir Vilo. I was so much attached to the emotions of people having their different opinions on either sides and I was so much affected by it that I literally cry a lot. I cried because I know how it feels to be hopeless and assumptive to something that will not be rewarded after. I even tag both A and M to some quotes that I found online regarding “girl is slipping away” and even sending the link of sir Vilo’s blog. Later today, I compose myself and thought that I crossed the line of being a fan. I am just an avid fan of their love team and I shouldn’t push, dictate nor be affected too much on what they are showing on TV. It was a wake up call to me… From here on, I swear to God not to overthink and over react things because it will not do any good for me or anyone who will read posts regarding my thoughts on their love team.

Yes, they are actors and they are doing this to entertain us all. That is something that I should always remember. I will just continue to sit, relax, and enjoy their uber the top story line in KS and hoping that at least, in due time, they will end up together because I strongly believe that DESTINY moved its magical hands to these two beautiful creatures of God.


I’m really sorry Maine and Alden for a very biased opinion on my blog post. The damage may have been done but I am hoping that it won’t be something that would make your worlds apart.

Thank you so much for making everyone happy and in love at all times. πŸ™‚

Lovingly yours,


Much has been said in the comments section of my blog last Sunday and it has been a torment for me trying my hardest to moderate. Sleep is a word whose meaning I no longer remember, worse, I get to read the ghastliest point of views that will never see the light of day, at least not on my little piece of web space. But then again, I lost my right to complain the moment I pressed that publish button.

Just to cool our raging passions a little bit, let me put my rational thinking and objective hat on and forget for a few minutes that I am a fan.

So, how did we actually get here?

The truth is, this is reality TV at its finest. This is not your usual, run-of-the-mill telenovela that are fully scripted even up to the color of the socks that a character is…

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More Than Words

I hope that you will write a new blog post for this coming Saturday’s episode (Sept 24). It’s a plea because I really want to know your input as a man. I love your blog about what happened on their first date and expecting a new input from you because I am starting to see Maine’s emotion is slipping away (literally slipping away). I replayed the episode today (Sept 23 episode) over and over again and I can really right through Maine’s emotions that she’s starting to slip. maybe it’s because she’s still not feeling well or because of lack of sleep but I can really feel it. As a woman who is still in love to my man, I really feel her. I know those smiles and movements. Also, I was able to sense that the situation now is starting to flip over. It’s like Alden is now the one who smiles broadly and showing his true emotions on everyone (but hides it with his sketch pad argh!) while Maine is now guarding herself because of well… different situations. I’m not a guy so I will not fully understand you guys but I don’t know… I am really affected and frustrated on what’s going with them. waaaaah! It’s like Maine is everyone’s little sister that matters. She is loved by many (like me) that is why a lot of us are very protective to her.

I am just a wishful thinker here… Sorry for venting out. >_<
I hope you understand.



The language of true love is well understood,

even without saying a single word.

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Are you a certified hopeless romantic person?

9/23/2015 ~ 3:00AM something here (Manila time)

While working and typing a lot of things, a sudden strike of idea hits my head. Why is that a lot of people, like me, are hopeless romantic? Dreaming of a fairytale like, movie like, novel like, soap opera like love story where the girl is like our favorite princess, Cinderella, and the guy of our dreams is out of the girl’s league, a rich (sometimes uber rich), tall, handsome, and almost perfect in all things that he does.

Why that formula is something that is still very effective up to this day? My answer… I don’t know either. I’m not a psychologist nor a sociologist to be expert on it. BUT (A very big BUT) what I understand is something that I can share with you guys.

First things first, before I enumerate my thoughts, I know that this is not the first article that has been written about HOPELESS ROMANTIC people so bear with me (and my thoughts) and I hope that you will agree with the list that I will provide (you may also comment and suggest additional pointers). πŸ˜‰

Number 1: You believe that you will end up finding the “LOVE” that you are looking for because you deserve it.

– I don’t have any intentions to hurt anyone’s feelings (coz I know deep down my heart it hurts and its true) but let’s be real here. It’s the truth. We are all expecting that being a person who believes in love so bad will end up finding their significant one. We believe that its the right time to be loved by someone we believe to be our perfect half because we think that we’re doing “GOOD” as a human being. I’ve experienced that kind of “assuming” tendencies and I must say that it really leads to disappointment. But … even if its not the perfect hearts and flowers kind of story for me, I was able to meet the guy that I cannot leave until my last breath.

Number 2: Watching chick flick and romantic (drama or not) movies.

– Well… It’s given. Boy or girl are fueled up when they saw either a very romantic movie. We are feed by our idealistic (and sometimes delusional) views on love and relationships so we can’t move on a single romantic movie that we always watch over and over again.

Number 3: You get touched easily.

– Dang it! I’m very much guilty on this because I really get too emotional on things that I know worthy of my tears and sensitivity. Also, being a hopeless romantic, you usually consider everything to be thoughtful. That is why you always get the “Awwwww” moment either in a movie, videos or even in reality. Its more of being so sensitive in everything that is happening around you and always look at it positively.

Number 4: You tend to fall in love with activities you do.

– It maybe doing stuffs like writing love quotes in your notebook while you are in a coffee shop (or somewhere else), walking alone in a park where there a lot of couples are walking hand in hand and you feel that “awwww” moment inside you, smiling at the bus window while it rains and have this moment that you create your own music video (I’m guilty. Ekkk.) and more. These are the moments that will make you love doing it over and over again. Sounds redundant but you will never loathe doing it because you feel very satisfied and happy doing these things.

Number 5: You believe in what everyone call “magic”.

– Guilty? Yeah… Me too. I believe that there’s a magic between two people who are deeply in love. A magic spell that is cast between two strangers who will end up together… forever. A magic that even magicians can’t even perform or control. Its an inevitable thing that no one… Ugh! Yeah… Enough now. Well, most of us believe in it because of the Disney characters we used to watch when we are small kids and are much hyped to it. Well… I still believe in it. I still believe in destiny because I know that its true. There’s a reason behind everything and as to why we are able to meet them. There’s always a reason and God knows what is the explanation behind it.

Well, I’m not good in writing conclusion so… I just wish that this post would at least be sensible to everyone who will drop by in my blog.

Have a nice day everyone and spread the love ^_^ ❀